I'm an artist who loves to play video games. Here you will find my work, both fan art and original. Enjoy!
Animal Crossing: Gosford Girl Gang


Alicia decided to visit my town on Animal Crossing. I’ve never had anyone do that before, so we ran around and did pretty innocuous things…


Until I figured out the game doesn’t have a have a curse word filter like Pokemon does. Then, we spent the rest of the afternoon verbally harassing various villagers and pretending to be a girl gang:

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My best friend and I play Animal Crossing together for the first time and this is the result. :D
Quick drawing of a nine-tailed fox, requested by goldsoulindigo.
Dear Artists and Anyone Who Creates Things



This is for you:

I think we all need this

~ The Knight ~
My own self as a knight trekking across Evendor. A pretty appropriate scene for the current state of our weather.
~ Faustine and Arcanas Barcala ~
The finished product of that doodle from way back when. Faustine is a mage and alchemist, while Arcanas is an assassin and jester.
More drawing at the chocolate cafe. :d mmmm cafe mocha + art = a happy Ali
Drawing at the chocolate cafe on my lunch ^_^
Arcanas Barcala. New universe, new name, new look, same smug look. xD
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